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Industrial Markets
Whether its cutting steel, reducing damage to goods and equipment or regulating pressure and fluids,
ITT Control Technologies offers durable, reliable and innovative industrial solutions with high value and
low life-cycle cost to customers around the globe.

Motion Controls
ITT offers a broad line of industrial control and automation solutions such
as brushless servo motors, servo motors, linear actuators, servo amplifiers,
motion controllers, web tension control and load cells.

• Linear/Rotary Actuators
• Workholding Products
• Cylinders for Limited Space Applications
• Multi-Motion Integrated Motion Actuators
• Ball Slides for Limited Space Applications
• Shaker Cylinders for Conveyor Systems
• Val-U-Act Ball Valve Systems
• Gate Valve Actuators

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Regulators / Transducers
ITT designs and manufactures natural gas vehicle (NGV), low-pressure
and high-pressure regulators, along with filter and specialty regulators.
ITT positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals come in a
wide variety of materials and configurations to meet a broad range
of industries.

• Natural Gas Regulators for Heavy Duty Engine Applications
• Natural Gas Regulators for Light Duty Engine Applications
• Solenoids and Sensors
• Low and High Pressure Regulators
• Actuators and Positioners
• Transducers
• Natural Gas Vehicle Regulators

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Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation
ITT is a premier supplier of engineered solutions for noise attenuation,
mechanical shock and vibration solutions for industrial applications
including the oil and gas, aviation, defense, rail, and automotive
markets. ITT also provides systems for hydraulic/pneumatic actuation
and motion control applications for a wide range of industries.

• Industrial Shock Absorbers
• Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
• Heavy Industry Buffers
• Wire Rope Isolators
• Compact Wire Rope Isolators
• Air Springs
• Custom Elastomers
• WEAR® Pipe Restraints

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Factory Automation

Industrial Automation
ITT is a market-leading manufacturer of space-efficient custom automation
solutions such as hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders and linear actuators,
along with standard pneumatic automation components.

• AC & DC Drives
• AC & DC Servo Motors

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Wire Draw

Instruments and Controls
ITT provides standard industrial pressure switches, vacuum switches,
differential switches, temperature switches, sanitary switches, switch
accessories and custom switches for industrial, chemical process and
energy markets.

• Pressure Switches
• Temperature Switches
• Differential Switches
• Vacuum Switches

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Solar Energy